Throughout this semester I have learned how much I enjoyed creating content for a website. The tools and skills gained from this project and others will be valuable to me as it has all been great practice for the real world. As we approach the 21st century, employers are searching for people that obtain these multi-media skills, which can be used almost at any job now that the world revolves around the internet. Challenging myself to create new content has probably been my best experience through out my blogs. Going into this series of posts, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be at times brainstorming new ideas to discuss about my cat.


When going back and scanning through my blogs, I recognized areas that could use an upgrade. My site could have improved if I had spent more time embedding photos in my blogs, making them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I also did not take full advantage of the many different layout design tools. Adding more varieties of color and changing the font of my text could have made my site more unique and intriguing. To enhance traffic on my site, I could had spent more time coming up with better titles for my posts and tweets, increasing the interaction rate on my site.


My most popular week throughout my blogging series was April 22nd-28th, receiving 6 views and 4 visitors. The most popular post I created was “Before we get started…“, which got 9 views. I believe the post was most successful because it was my very first introductory post, giving curiosity to viewers in discovering what my site was going discuss, whether they were intrigued or not. I’m honestly shocked my site received the few amount of views that it did, as I was expecting more engagement. As for as twitter goes, I collected about 200 impressions monthly on my posts, but no engagements with my links provided. Overall, this has been such a great learning experience for me!



Nobody wants to necessarily talk about this subject, but lets be real… it exists. Tending to a litter box is one of the main reasons most people are opposed to owning a cat. Many would think keeping up with the litter would be very tedious, which isn’t always true. Purchasing the proper materials to make this process less of a hassle is most definitely worth the extra bucks. Here are a few tips I have found extremely helpful when tending to my cats litter box.

First things first, finding the right litter for your feline is very important. Varying in textures, there are different types of litter to pick from such as clumping clay, pellets, pine, and many more. I found that clumping clay worked easiest for me because it helps make the scooping process quicker. Next, I bought a cheap little trash can to store the feces in for a temporary time. I found this tip very helpful so that the waste does not end up sitting in your own personal trash can… yuck. Buying a deep litter box is very beneficial because as your cat starts covering their mess, the litter can spill over the edge if it is shallow. Lastly, any sort of spray that helps eliminate the bad odors is a MUST!

Here are a few examples:

Not all cats are trained to use the litter box when adopting them, luckily Maizy was an expert when I got her. If your cat has troubles with this there are plenty of ways to train them. First, put the box in a place where the cat is comfortable and familiar with. Make sure this designated place feels like a “safe zone” for them. Give your cat treats around this space so they identify it as a positive and rewarding experience. Hopefully these tips can help your cat become a pro at using the potty!


It isn’t very often that you see a cat getting walked outside on a leash. I know it may seem odd at first, but most cats love exploring the outdoors just as much as dogs do. Not all indoor cats are comfortable with going outside, so it really depends on your cats personality. Maizy was previously an outdoor cat before I rescued her, which made the experience a breeze. Training a cat to wear a harness while being directed by a leash can have its challenges.

how to adjust your cat

As I previously said, the transition from inside to outside may be more difficult for some cats than others. Having owned four cats in my life, I have learned some tricks to make the process a little smoother. Treats are a must for any pet that is going through some sort of training. If your cat is scared to step outside, this may help encourage that behavior and guide its path. Personally, I would recommend purchasing a harness rather than a collar, because collars are know to break easier and could potentially choke the cat when it is tied to a leash. It is best to take your cat somewhere that is calm and quiet; they may get easily spooked which can cause major setbacks in the training process. At the end of the day, patience is key as the majority of cats are more stubborn than dogs and will do as they please.


There are many benefits when letting your cat explore the outdoors. The biggest one would be enhancing their quality of life by saving them from boredom all day. Being kept indoors can create anxieties and stress for your cat; letting them outside can significantly reduce these problems. Outdoor play time can provide your cats with a healthier lifestyle as their weight will be more controlled with exercise. Climbing up trees and chasing birds are a few examples of exercises a cat will get as they naturally love external stimulations.

Grooming 101

Now that summer is right around the corner, Maizy is starting to shed like crazy. This will annoyingly result in hair everywhere in my house if I do not keep her groomed. When owning a cat, long haired or short, regular grooming is vital when it comes to their health. The meaning of grooming regularly will fluctuate if the cat has long or short hair. A long haired cat will require daily grooming, while short hair cats are more like 2-3 times out of the week. The process of grooming should only take a couple of minutes, it should not be a long process.

There are many health benefits that come with maintaining your kitty’s coat. Brushing through the fur will help distribute natural oils throughout the skin and coat keeping it healthy. Furthermore, the less loose hair that remains in the coat will lesson the chance of your cat having hairballs. This is a “win win” for both you and your cat! When frequently grooming, you’re able to notice any fleas, ticks, or skin abnormalities which is necessary for keeping up with your cats health and being a good owner.

Nobody likes a hairy blanket on the bed or on the couch. There is a simple solution to avoiding the cat shed going all over the place. Purchasing this brush will greatly help avoid a messy and hairy household. The brush can be difficult to use in the beginning, especially with some cats, as they adjust and get used to it. Personally Maizy never had too hard of a time, but I always give her a treat after just so next time, she behaves even better than the last. It can be a tedious process, but it is worth it, especially with cats that shed a lot, which is most.

Pro tip: Do not buy a bunch of cats toys…

By reading the title, you may confused as to why a cat owner would tell another not to buy a lot of toys. There’s plenty of reason behind this statement. Once Maizy became mine, I excitingly ran to Pets-mart to buy an abundance of overpriced cat toys for her. Over time, I realized this was a mistake. I started to notice that Maizy would rather play with something like an old shoe lace of mine or even a water bottle cap. From my own experience and I’m sure many others, I advise you to not spend a ton of money on expensive toys, because as weird as it is, they would almost always prefer a shoelace.

Even though I am encouraging you to save money on all the toys, cats do need something to keep them busy. Because cats are natural hunters, it is known that a cat in the wild will make about 15-20 hunting attempts daily. Indoor or outdoor, all cats benefit from some sort of regular “play time” whether that is catching mice outside or flicking a water bottle cap around the house. There are many health benefits a cat can receive when getting proper exercise during their play time. 3 simple pros that result from this include weight loss, bonding time, and relief of boredom (for indoor cats).

A scratching post is a must have when it comes to owning a feline friend. It comes with many perks for the cat and even the owner . If your cat has the habit of scratching on the edge of your couches or other furniture, like Maizy, this will help tremendously. This will be their new designated place for that habit when it is placed near the old scratching locations. Cats naturally do this to shed off layers from their claws in order to keep them sharp and healthy. They may also use it simply as something to stretch their body on.

Click here for an affordable scratching post.

Houston bound…

The time finally came to take sweet Maizy back to my hometown, Houston, Texas. But before I could even think about getting on the interstate to head home, I had to begin my least favorite part, packing. You would think that packing for an animal would be way easier than for yourself, but that is far from the truth. Here’s a few tips when preparing your feline friend for a road trip.

First things first, your cat needs to get comfortable in a designated carrier before you even think about putting them in the car. A week before the trip it’s recommended to place the carrier somewhere in your home so your furry feline has a chance to get familiar with it. Once the carrier and your feline become friends, begin to take short trips around town to help them get used to car movement. Since driving to Houston is a three and a half hour drive, you’ll need a small litter box, treats, and water placed somewhere in the car. Pro tip: feed your cat 3 hours before you hit the road so it has time to digest its food. This will help with car sickness as well.

When arriving to your destination, preparing the temporary location for your cat is a process in itself. All cats will handle these situations differently as some are more laid back and can accept change easier than others. Luckily Maizy is extremely easy going and will make herself right at home anywhere she goes. I always make sure to keep her contained in one room to begin with, so she can get comfortable with smells and space around her. Also, having her litter, food, water, and favorite toys all in this confined area is a good strategy to use when making a new place feel more like home.

We have something in common… Cats!

When looking at others blogs in the cat community on WordPress, “9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life” caught my attention. As soon as I clicked on Milly’s website, I noticed how clean the website layout/design was. She chose to use minimal color throughout her site which gives it more of a sleek look. Her texts were short, sweet, and to the point which made it easy to stay engaged while going though her blog.

Check out her website using this link above!

As I compare this blog to many others, the lighthearted take Milly went with stands out to me. Many sites that I have seen sound too informative and are just down right boring to read. Throughout her blog, she uses funny gifs that correlate with her message of why people should love cats. The gifs make her blog more interactive as something is always moving and grabbing your attention on the page. She also uses a lot of slang which makes it more of a fun read.

After fully going through her page, I was able to get some inspirations as to what I could apply to my own. Before, I didn’t think to incorporate gifs into my posts but it would be fun to make my own and use them! I also want to cut back on color to give my site a sleek look like hers as it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I hope you can check out her site and can enjoy it as much as I did!

Settling in

Getting Maizy adjusted to her new lifestyle was easier than I had expected. When taking in a new pet, it’s important to set up a comfortable environment for them. Cats are not like dogs in the sense of feeling right at home wherever they go, it usually takes more time for them. I immediately set up her bed, food, water, and litter box in my room so she had a confined space to slowly settle in.

The day after I decided to keep her, I took a trip to Walmart and bought all the essential necessities that she would need at my home, well ours. I started off with the cheapest litter box, litter, food bowls, etc. I could find. Keep in mind, i’m a broke college student that probably doesn’t need to be spending their extra dollars on this, but of course I did it anyways. I spent about $15 that shopping trip which ended up being so affordable… thank you Walmart! As time went by, I gradually started upgrading her utilities, which is a tactic to keep in mind when owning a new pet.

Although my first trip to the store was inexpensive, I realized over time how quickly buying food would add up in cost. I started to figure out options to make it as affordable as possible, which began with buying the wet food “Friskies” in the 6 ounce cans. When giving a cat wet food, the healthiest consumption amount is about 3 ounces. With that being said, I am able to split the can in half and save the rest for the next day. This has given me more bang for my buck and definitely saved many trips to the store.