We have something in common… Cats!

When looking at others blogs in the cat community on WordPress, “9 Reasons Why You Need a Cat in Your Life” caught my attention. As soon as I clicked on Milly’s website, I noticed how clean the website layout/design was. She chose to use minimal color throughout her site which gives it more of a sleek look. Her texts were short, sweet, and to the point which made it easy to stay engaged while going though her blog.

Check out her website using this link above!

As I compare this blog to many others, the lighthearted take Milly went with stands out to me. Many sites that I have seen sound too informative and are just down right boring to read. Throughout her blog, she uses funny gifs that correlate with her message of why people should love cats. The gifs make her blog more interactive as something is always moving and grabbing your attention on the page. She also uses a lot of slang which makes it more of a fun read.

After fully going through her page, I was able to get some inspirations as to what I could apply to my own. Before, I didn’t think to incorporate gifs into my posts but it would be fun to make my own and use them! I also want to cut back on color to give my site a sleek look like hers as it is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I hope you can check out her site and can enjoy it as much as I did!

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