Houston bound…

The time finally came to take sweet Maizy back to my hometown, Houston, Texas. But before I could even think about getting on the interstate to head home, I had to begin my least favorite part, packing. You would think that packing for an animal would be way easier than for yourself, but that is far from the truth. Here’s a few tips when preparing your feline friend for a road trip.

First things first, your cat needs to get comfortable in a designated carrier before you even think about putting them in the car. A week before the trip it’s recommended to place the carrier somewhere in your home so your furry feline has a chance to get familiar with it. Once the carrier and your feline become friends, begin to take short trips around town to help them get used to car movement. Since driving to Houston is a three and a half hour drive, you’ll need a small litter box, treats, and water placed somewhere in the car. Pro tip: feed your cat 3 hours before you hit the road so it has time to digest its food. This will help with car sickness as well.

When arriving to your destination, preparing the temporary location for your cat is a process in itself. All cats will handle these situations differently as some are more laid back and can accept change easier than others. Luckily Maizy is extremely easy going and will make herself right at home anywhere she goes. I always make sure to keep her contained in one room to begin with, so she can get comfortable with smells and space around her. Also, having her litter, food, water, and favorite toys all in this confined area is a good strategy to use when making a new place feel more like home.

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