Nobody wants to necessarily talk about this subject, but lets be real… it exists. Tending to a litter box is one of the main reasons most people are opposed to owning a cat. Many would think keeping up with the litter would be very tedious, which isn’t always true. Purchasing the proper materials to make this process less of a hassle is most definitely worth the extra bucks. Here are a few tips I have found extremely helpful when tending to my cats litter box.

First things first, finding the right litter for your feline is very important. Varying in textures, there are different types of litter to pick from such as clumping clay, pellets, pine, and many more. I found that clumping clay worked easiest for me because it helps make the scooping process quicker. Next, I bought a cheap little trash can to store the feces in for a temporary time. I found this tip very helpful so that the waste does not end up sitting in your own personal trash can… yuck. Buying a deep litter box is very beneficial because as your cat starts covering their mess, the litter can spill over the edge if it is shallow. Lastly, any sort of spray that helps eliminate the bad odors is a MUST!

Here are a few examples:

Not all cats are trained to use the litter box when adopting them, luckily Maizy was an expert when I got her. If your cat has troubles with this there are plenty of ways to train them. First, put the box in a place where the cat is comfortable and familiar with. Make sure this designated place feels like a “safe zone” for them. Give your cat treats around this space so they identify it as a positive and rewarding experience. Hopefully these tips can help your cat become a pro at using the potty!

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