Before We Get Started…

Hi cat people! My name is Brooke and we most likely share the same interest. I’m a sophomore at Texas State University, which is located in San Marcos, Texas, a.k.a. the cutest little college town there ever was. In my free time, I like to surround myself with good friends and music.

As you may tell, I love cats (especially my own). I’ve been inspired to blog about my cat because I could talk about her for hours to anyone. This is the fourth cat I’ve had in my lifetime, so I’ve learned a lot of little tricks when it comes to taking care of these guys. She came about in my life as a surprise, and I wanted to share how our little lives crossed paths.

I’m hoping throughout this blog, you may learn some new things or even just enjoy a cute little love story between me and my beloved furry friend. I practically document everything my cat does, who you are soon to meet, and I’m excited to share her with you all. I hope you love our story as much as I do.

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