Pro tip: Do not buy a bunch of cats toys…

By reading the title, you may confused as to why a cat owner would tell another not to buy a lot of toys. There’s plenty of reason behind this statement. Once Maizy became mine, I excitingly ran to Pets-mart to buy an abundance of overpriced cat toys for her. Over time, I realized this was a mistake. I started to notice that Maizy would rather play with something like an old shoe lace of mine or even a water bottle cap. From my own experience and I’m sure many others, I advise you to not spend a ton of money on expensive toys, because as weird as it is, they would almost always prefer a shoelace.

Even though I am encouraging you to save money on all the toys, cats do need something to keep them busy. Because cats are natural hunters, it is known that a cat in the wild will make about 15-20 hunting attempts daily. Indoor or outdoor, all cats benefit from some sort of regular “play time” whether that is catching mice outside or flicking a water bottle cap around the house. There are many health benefits a cat can receive when getting proper exercise during their play time. 3 simple pros that result from this include weight loss, bonding time, and relief of boredom (for indoor cats).

A scratching post is a must have when it comes to owning a feline friend. It comes with many perks for the cat and even the owner . If your cat has the habit of scratching on the edge of your couches or other furniture, like Maizy, this will help tremendously. This will be their new designated place for that habit when it is placed near the old scratching locations. Cats naturally do this to shed off layers from their claws in order to keep them sharp and healthy. They may also use it simply as something to stretch their body on.

Click here for an affordable scratching post.

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