Throughout this semester I have learned how much I enjoyed creating content for a website. The tools and skills gained from this project and others will be valuable to me as it has all been great practice for the real world. As we approach the 21st century, employers are searching for people that obtain these multi-media skills, which can be used almost at any job now that the world revolves around the internet. Challenging myself to create new content has probably been my best experience through out my blogs. Going into this series of posts, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be at times brainstorming new ideas to discuss about my cat.


When going back and scanning through my blogs, I recognized areas that could use an upgrade. My site could have improved if I had spent more time embedding photos in my blogs, making them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I also did not take full advantage of the many different layout design tools. Adding more varieties of color and changing the font of my text could have made my site more unique and intriguing. To enhance traffic on my site, I could had spent more time coming up with better titles for my posts and tweets, increasing the interaction rate on my site.


My most popular week throughout my blogging series was April 22nd-28th, receiving 6 views and 4 visitors. The most popular post I created was “Before we get started…“, which got 9 views. I believe the post was most successful because it was my very first introductory post, giving curiosity to viewers in discovering what my site was going discuss, whether they were intrigued or not. I’m honestly shocked my site received the few amount of views that it did, as I was expecting more engagement. As for as twitter goes, I collected about 200 impressions monthly on my posts, but no engagements with my links provided. Overall, this has been such a great learning experience for me!

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