Adopt don’t Shop.

Adopting instead of shopping is easier said than done, however there are many positives to adopting over buying a cat at a store. For one, it makes your heart feel warmer when you bring home a kitty that has had a hard life. The cats at a shelter have gotten there with a story, and they usually have their own unique personality, which can be interesting and fun to handle at home. When you buy a cat that’s still a kitten, you don’t exactly know what the personality will be and how it will behave. If you get the kitty from a shelter, they will usually tell you how it acts, what it like, what it doesn’t like, you will basically know the kitty as soon as you pick it up.

Statistically, 1.4 cats that end up in animal shelters get euthanized. The number of animals adopted from these shelters dramatically reduces the amount of innocent lives taken yearly. This is one of the many reasons adopting is greatly encouraged. The cats in adoption shelters are usually trained to be in households and are much cheaper than buying from a breeder. I know what you may be thinking, if the cat is in the shelter, that must mean that its a bad cat that somebody else didn’t want. Thats usually false, the cats at the shelters have huge hearts and will love you more than you know, because at the end of the day, when you adopt them, you are literally saving their life.

Personally, my experience with Maizy has proven all of these speculations about adopting a pet. I genuinely felt her happiness and gratefulness to be taken care of and given a home. As a college student, I could not afford to buy a cat from a breeder and give it the proper vaccinations needed. Maizy had all of these necessities taken care of already and was trained to use the litter box. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity and companion. I strongly encourage anyone who may be searching for a pet to head to their nearest adoption center and give a furry friend a forever home. If you are a local in San Marcos and interested in adopting, click here.