It isn’t very often that you see a cat getting walked outside on a leash. I know it may seem odd at first, but most cats love exploring the outdoors just as much as dogs do. Not all indoor cats are comfortable with going outside, so it really depends on your cats personality. Maizy was previously an outdoor cat before I rescued her, which made the experience a breeze. Training a cat to wear a harness while being directed by a leash can have its challenges.

how to adjust your cat

As I previously said, the transition from inside to outside may be more difficult for some cats than others. Having owned four cats in my life, I have learned some tricks to make the process a little smoother. Treats are a must for any pet that is going through some sort of training. If your cat is scared to step outside, this may help encourage that behavior and guide its path. Personally, I would recommend purchasing a harness rather than a collar, because collars are know to break easier and could potentially choke the cat when it is tied to a leash. It is best to take your cat somewhere that is calm and quiet; they may get easily spooked which can cause major setbacks in the training process. At the end of the day, patience is key as the majority of cats are more stubborn than dogs and will do as they please.


There are many benefits when letting your cat explore the outdoors. The biggest one would be enhancing their quality of life by saving them from boredom all day. Being kept indoors can create anxieties and stress for your cat; letting them outside can significantly reduce these problems. Outdoor play time can provide your cats with a healthier lifestyle as their weight will be more controlled with exercise. Climbing up trees and chasing birds are a few examples of exercises a cat will get as they naturally love external stimulations.

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