Move In Day

August 29th, 2018 started the same as any other day. Little did I know, this would become a very special day with the arrival of a new roommate. A medium sized orange tabby cat was nervously sitting on my couch when I came home. Turned out my roommate, Lexi, found “kitty” in a local parking lot and decided to rescue her.

Me being the cat lover that I am, I immediately took full responsibility in caring for her. We spent some time and a couple trips to the vet, attempting to locate her previous owners. With that being unsuccessful, we started to realize that our new guest may be a permanent one. When I informed my parents of this, they were none too excited. Of course they told me all the non practical reasons for being a pet owner while in college. You know, all that logical parent stuff. After bombarding my family with selfies displaying how happy I was with my new friend, I think I finally swayed their opinion.

Every good cat needs a name. I kept searching for name ideas and I stumbled across ‘Maizy’. Its definition implied things of fall and golden colors which resembled her natural burnt autumn coat. I knew it was a perfect fit. Life with “Maizy” has proven to be more beneficial than I had ever thought.

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